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Toe Pointing Competition with Kenna Valentina


Dre Hazel and I…. Superheroine lovers




My soles are wicked wrinkly …. just reminding you. Also I need more inflatables to play with. In case anyone wants to be generous my amazon wishlist can be found http://t.co/C6HrPlii.

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The Past 2 weeks….


So my 2 weeks have been pretty crazy. First, I went to visit our friends in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. I went to Feet of Philly Foot party…http://www.feetofphillyparties.com – I had an amazing time 🙂 I am planning to go back next month.

Then back to Florida where I spent a day at the Don Cesar Beach Resort in Saint Petersburg Beach with 2 of my lovely new model girlfriends, Dacy Lynn and Charlie Page. We got wicked drunk and had a hell of a time causing a riot. Three fetish models in a pretty hotel….let me tell you, is crazy man! I sang “Summertime” from Gershwin late at night while a guy played piano along side me…. That’s how awesome that was. 🙂

Tomorrow Charlie and I will be shooting with my all time favorite JWTIES and that’s gonna amazing as always. ❤

Here’s a few pics for all of you…. Hope you all enjoy and check out all the new stuff on my sites


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Beach Ball Destruction

I am trying some new stuff at Foxx Toy Box – CLICK HERE

Inflatable destruction mixed in with Lesbian loving…. Especially when it comes so easy with me and my girl….Kenna Valentina!

This week is going to be busy, I am shooting Wednesday through the weekend. Right now I am just trying to take it easy. The calm before the storm. ❤

Cherries on my toes…


Just a cute lil pic today. 🙂



Water Bottle Blow to POP

So, this is kinda a first for all the looner fans out there…

A 3 girl Hot water bladder B2P… With Myself, Dre Hazel and Newcomer, Miss Jane Johnson. This was especially fun cause the creator of the device was on set, watching it be used. I loved it personally. Thank you Mr Microphone…:-)

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Other than that, I realized you can Overdose on Monster Energy Drinks. I am a fucking genius sometimes! I drank 4 in one day, when the can clearly says 3. I was sick for 2 days after that. Never again my kinky friends.

More updates tomorrow…still detoxing off that nasty stuff. LOL