Fetish Model

The Past 2 weeks….


So my 2 weeks have been pretty crazy. First, I went to visit our friends in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. I went to Feet of Philly Foot party…http://www.feetofphillyparties.com – I had an amazing time 🙂 I am planning to go back next month.

Then back to Florida where I spent a day at the Don Cesar Beach Resort in Saint Petersburg Beach with 2 of my lovely new model girlfriends, Dacy Lynn and Charlie Page. We got wicked drunk and had a hell of a time causing a riot. Three fetish models in a pretty hotel….let me tell you, is crazy man! I sang “Summertime” from Gershwin late at night while a guy played piano along side me…. That’s how awesome that was. 🙂

Tomorrow Charlie and I will be shooting with my all time favorite JWTIES and that’s gonna amazing as always. ❤

Here’s a few pics for all of you…. Hope you all enjoy and check out all the new stuff on my sites


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