Fetish Model

Officially Old….

So I am getting back into the swing of blogging. Hooray!

So Birthday over technically, so I am officially older. Yes I am 31. Is it a shame I don’t feel over 21? Amazing thing, I tell you. I got Dance Dance Revolution. I haven’t played that game in years. I thought about putting up a video of me doing it….but let me tell you, and this is a god honest fact…. NO ONE LOOKS GRACEFUL PLAYING THAT GAME! I dance all the time, used to do it professionally, but there is no way to make that look good with all the damn stomping. But it is a good workout. I did it for about an hour yesterday… I kinda feel it today.

So other than that, I had an awesome Birthday. Got to start  rekindling a friendship that I thought I lost. Had Ice cream cake and Shepards pie, red wine and beer…. Perfect day. 🙂


So here we go, back to the grind. I have a shoot with JW Ties @CLICKHERE on Monday, so look for updates on that.

On my Foxxtoybox.com – we have Dre Hazel. I met this girl a year ago and LOVED HER immediately!



So to see what I have been up to lately – Besides getting older – Check out my links




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