Fetish Model

Water Bottle Blow to POP

So, this is kinda a first for all the looner fans out there…

A 3 girl Hot water bladder B2P… With Myself, Dre Hazel and Newcomer, Miss Jane Johnson. This was especially fun cause the creator of the device was on set, watching it be used. I loved it personally. Thank you Mr Microphone…:-)

If you would like to see the full clip…. Get it HERE

Check out my other sites as well…. HERE and HERE

Other than that, I realized you can Overdose on Monster Energy Drinks. I am a fucking genius sometimes! I drank 4 in one day, when the can clearly says 3. I was sick for 2 days after that. Never again my kinky friends.

More updates tomorrow…still detoxing off that nasty stuff. LOL


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