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Dre Hazel…. The bitch in my backyard

So, Dre Hazel, came and spent some time with me last night. I have missed her so much. Its so much fun to have such a good friend who’s as down to earth as I am, who does the same job I do. She’s not far….but we’ve been outta touch… but not anymore.

This is our impromptu video interview whilst drinking. Maybe not the best idea, but definitely the most amusing. Lets see if Youtube deletes me for this one! OH NO…


I think what I like most about how I am doing this whole interview thing, is that you see the real girls….not models. You kinda get how we all are deep down inside, without the makeup and all the glitz and glamor. We are real people too! And you love us still. Thank you all my wonderful fans.

On other news. I have updated my stores!   HEREHERE –  HERE


You can see Dre and I doing lots of kinky stuff on there… and trust me, our chemistry runs deep, if you can’t tell by the video above. LOL

Love you all. ❤ Cat


Jesus…Feet Feet and more Feet!


Sometimes I forget… and now I remember. This is why I love what I love. This shot is from http://feetofphilly.com and http://barelylegalfootjobs.com  – Gotta love em! ❤ You should check out my new stuff on there…. And check out my Updates at HEREHEREHERE


Tonight I am going to go see Friends with Benefits. I know I know…chick flick….totally. I can’t wait. But I have been shooting and partying so much lately, I thought a chick flick would be right up my alley. And then Wednesday, back to the grind of my own store. YAY!

Officially Old….

So I am getting back into the swing of blogging. Hooray!

So Birthday over technically, so I am officially older. Yes I am 31. Is it a shame I don’t feel over 21? Amazing thing, I tell you. I got Dance Dance Revolution. I haven’t played that game in years. I thought about putting up a video of me doing it….but let me tell you, and this is a god honest fact…. NO ONE LOOKS GRACEFUL PLAYING THAT GAME! I dance all the time, used to do it professionally, but there is no way to make that look good with all the damn stomping. But it is a good workout. I did it for about an hour yesterday… I kinda feel it today.

So other than that, I had an awesome Birthday. Got to start  rekindling a friendship that I thought I lost. Had Ice cream cake and Shepards pie, red wine and beer…. Perfect day. 🙂


So here we go, back to the grind. I have a shoot with JW Ties @CLICKHERE on Monday, so look for updates on that.

On my Foxxtoybox.com – we have Dre Hazel. I met this girl a year ago and LOVED HER immediately!



So to see what I have been up to lately – Besides getting older – Check out my links



Catherine Foxx…How Randomticklishgirls.com works

So I was going through my phone this morning…. cleaning out old random videos and I found this one. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing the true me… half drunk at a bar… dancing like a stripper.

Btw – they did have a pole and minutes after my phone was shut off for recording I got on it. Damn camera man missed it. Oh well.

So I wonder. Would you hit on me if you had seen me that night. I know I surely would hit on myself. I am one Sexy bitch…. 🙂

This video was filmed in a bar in Clinton Massachusetts on Saint Patricks Day.


So if you ever wonder how I get the girls for www.randomticklishgirls.com – This is how… 🙂


Do you see the random girls just coming up to me dancing? I have no clue who she is. I made out with her at some point. Still don’t remember who she is…

So that’s how it works. I am me. 🙂

Clean up at the Foxx Office…

So I have spend most of my day cleaning up my site. I think I have done a moderately decent job, though I know 90 percent of it isn’t done yet. I am trying to prepare my sites for more rigorous events and such. Lovely, eh. Spending the days before my birthday redoing all the stuff I should have done before this. Grrrrr.

Well tommorrow I get a little break from my 8 hour sits at my computer. YAY for shooting 🙂

Just so you all can know, here’s an interview with a fan I just put up on my youtube a few days ago. This is where I have been living basically the past few days.


2 Days and counting til my birthday!


Check out my sites HERE HERE AND HERE… and oh yea and HERE

My Birthday!!!

I forgot to add… to my last post… That my Birthday is now in 2 days. Love me, I am getting older….

My Amazon Wishlist

Shoot with Candleboxxx

I love my life…Have I ever told anyone that….

So the sadness that hit me a few months ago is slowly fading. I still miss my nephew, but life has slowly but surely gotten back to normal at The Foxx Office.  Thank God for Fetish Con 2011. That really made me happy. I always tell people it’s my family reunion, and this year more than ever, it was. I am so honored to know the people I do, and to meet the new people I did. You all are amazing.


Thank you to the following specifically, but there are so many more

www.jwtiesamateurs.comwww.candlesfetishbox.com –  www.nursejakof.com

There are so many more and I can’t even remember all the sites…but if you email them to me catherine@catherinefoxx.com I will make sure to plug you all!


So the final night I was in Tampa, Tuesday after the convention ended, I did a shoot with the loveliest of lovelies, Miss CandleBoxxx. Working with her for my own sites, was truly amazing….and even more fun to edit. She is just phenomenal in so many ways that words can’t describe. Anyho… We did a lil love video for youtube….so here is it.



Just goes to show you how truly goofy us girls are. Weird I know….and you guys thought we were all sexy and shit all the time. Pfffftttt.