Fetish Model

Dre Hazel…. The bitch in my backyard

So, Dre Hazel, came and spent some time with me last night. I have missed her so much. Its so much fun to have such a good friend who’s as down to earth as I am, who does the same job I do. She’s not far….but we’ve been outta touch… but not anymore.

This is our impromptu video interview whilst drinking. Maybe not the best idea, but definitely the most amusing. Lets see if Youtube deletes me for this one! OH NO…


I think what I like most about how I am doing this whole interview thing, is that you see the real girls….not models. You kinda get how we all are deep down inside, without the makeup and all the glitz and glamor. We are real people too! And you love us still. Thank you all my wonderful fans.

On other news. I have updated my stores!   HEREHERE –  HERE


You can see Dre and I doing lots of kinky stuff on there… and trust me, our chemistry runs deep, if you can’t tell by the video above. LOL

Love you all. ❤ Cat


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  1. Cool veido grils

    August 18, 2011 at 4:36 am

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