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Catherine Foxx was born August 10, 1980 in Miami, FL, the daughter of a nurse and cop. She was the eldest of 5 children, and was always held to a high standard by her parents for being a role model for her younger siblings. Her parents divorced in 1987, and she was moved from a very large community in Miami to a small town(Arcadia, FL) in central Florida with population of only about 4,000.

Catherine Foxx Middle SchoolShe grew up a very sheltered childhood, and she stuck to the books. She Catherine Foxx High Schoolgraduated in the top ten of her class in high school, having only a handful of close friends. Her mother through her into a few pageants to get college scholarships, and Catherine always won the titles or 1st runner up. Miss photogenic awards where also given to her as well. Catherine at a young age had a dual personality, the lively bubbly girl on stage in front of a camera, and the repressed shy bookworm off stage. Catherine attributes much of this to her own family’s values. They thrived on normalcy, but adored being in the spotlight and bragging on accomplishments. She never quite fit into her family and felt unwanted.

Catherine Foxx WeddingIn 1998, she went to college and tried to recreate herself as more of the bubbly free spirit she was, but family stress for excellence and social stature, as being the eldest and only family member to go to college, stifled her. She continually struggled with being two people. College was eye opening for her though, as she realized the pressure that her family put her under would be her downfall. She continued to separate her two personalities that existed. The “normal” girl at home, the kinky experimental free spirit at school. She graduated college with a bachelors degree in fine arts 1999. She got married under family pressure to settle down one month after graduation

After graduation, she moved back to her hometown in Arcadia, FL, with her new marriage in tow, she scoured though the job market, teaching music, working odd jobs that came around. With the conflict of her “home” personality and “free spirit” personality, she had trouble adjusting to a real job environment. In order to get away from the social pressure, she decided to join the army. Due to her high aptitude testing, it was suggested she work on computers and went into telecommunications (74 Charlie). In 2000, she found out she was pregnant and was medically discharged from the military in 2001 before the birth of her first child. Going back to her home life as wife, mother, she moved to Lakeland, FL due to her husband’s career, her life continued the downhill spiral to try and make everyone else happy, living the house wife life. She played online at home with her computer, designing her own personal blog site in 2003. Through the interaction online, she started having her husband take pictures of her.

The positive feedback enticed her to do more. She finally felt accepted, but it was through a false world online. The addiction to her personal blog site (fakedelights.com) became a bone of contention in her marriage. Catherine was still leading 2 lives, one online, and one offline.
A Layout for fakedelights.com Catherine Made

In March 2005, Catherine’s grandfather died, which shook her world and caused mental breakdown in late 2005. She left her husband, cut off her family, and decided to live her own life without social expectations or boundaries.  A few months later, she met Rebecca, a girl she became romantically involved with, which would introduce her to modeling in the upcoming months.

Through her online life, in November 2005,Catherine found a job in web design, link building, and video editing for voyeurdorm.com and found that she loved the industry. She went to many conventions and loved the free spirited sexuality experiences. A few months after working at voyuerdorm, Catherine’s girlfriend dragged her to her first professional shoot. Catherine fell in love with her life again. Working through Rebecca’s contacts in the Tampa Bay Florida area, Catherine started modeling, doing fashion, glamor and nudes. In June 2006, Catherine started up her first modelmayhem profile. http://www.modelmayhem.com/166200. She had no idea what was to become of it, or that it would overtake her life.

When voyeurdorm.com decided to outsource in February 2006, a little over year after she started working there, she was laid off to find more work. She tried to find more gigs through modelmayhem.com, and Catherine met Charlee Chase, one of her first fetish shoots. Catherine and Rebecca started doing tickling, feet, and balloon fetish shoots. Catherine also had a side job at a porn shops and small video stores in the Tampa Bay Area. During this time, it was discovered that Catherine truly had a tickling and foot fetish, parts of her that had been repressed.

Her career took off originally as middle name, Kaire. Now she is living life in the SWFL area and found that life as a fetish model is what she was born to do. Catherine Foxx is now a big up and comer in the industry and has been working on building her fan base for several years now.



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