Fetish Model

Catherine Foxx…How Randomticklishgirls.com works

So I was going through my phone this morning…. cleaning out old random videos and I found this one. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing the true me… half drunk at a bar… dancing like a stripper.

Btw – they did have a pole and minutes after my phone was shut off for recording I got on it. Damn camera man missed it. Oh well.

So I wonder. Would you hit on me if you had seen me that night. I know I surely would hit on myself. I am one Sexy bitch…. 🙂

This video was filmed in a bar in Clinton Massachusetts on Saint Patricks Day.


So if you ever wonder how I get the girls for www.randomticklishgirls.com – This is how… 🙂


Do you see the random girls just coming up to me dancing? I have no clue who she is. I made out with her at some point. Still don’t remember who she is…

So that’s how it works. I am me. 🙂


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