Fetish Model

Shoot with Candleboxxx

I love my life…Have I ever told anyone that….

So the sadness that hit me a few months ago is slowly fading. I still miss my nephew, but life has slowly but surely gotten back to normal at The Foxx Office.  Thank God for Fetish Con 2011. That really made me happy. I always tell people it’s my family reunion, and this year more than ever, it was. I am so honored to know the people I do, and to meet the new people I did. You all are amazing.


Thank you to the following specifically, but there are so many more

www.jwtiesamateurs.comwww.candlesfetishbox.com –  www.nursejakof.com

There are so many more and I can’t even remember all the sites…but if you email them to me catherine@catherinefoxx.com I will make sure to plug you all!


So the final night I was in Tampa, Tuesday after the convention ended, I did a shoot with the loveliest of lovelies, Miss CandleBoxxx. Working with her for my own sites, was truly amazing….and even more fun to edit. She is just phenomenal in so many ways that words can’t describe. Anyho… We did a lil love video for youtube….so here is it.



Just goes to show you how truly goofy us girls are. Weird I know….and you guys thought we were all sexy and shit all the time. Pfffftttt.



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